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Playing Elthos RPG

The Elthos RPG is a traditional style Role Playing Game that is fused with a Web Application named The Mythos Machine. Together they form a powerful combination that helps Gamemasters create their own unique Worlds and run their games with elegance and style.  As a player you will create your own Characters who will have adventures in your Gamemaster's World.  You can outfit your Characters with weapons, armor, equipment, select their class, skills and powers, and even their race, depending on how the Gamemaster has built their World.  Once the game begins you and your friends play adventures in the fictional World as the Gamemaster describes it. When your Character tries to do things, dice are rolled to determine the outcome. And so a story gets created in which you and your friends play the main Characters. Both skill and luck determine where the story goes. It's awesome fun!

Here's what Elthos provides to Players...

Elthos Core Rules Book

Core Rules Book LayoutThe Elthos RPG Core Rules Book is the best way to familiarize yourself with how the rules system works. Think of it as the ideal physical companion to the Mythos Machine

The Elthos RPG is a highly distilled traditional style role playing game.  The Elthos RPG makes use of the “One Die System” (ODS) to make games faster and easier to manage. The ODS uses one six-sided die to determine all event and conflict resolution outcomes in the game. It's super fast. However, for those who want a more nuanced game, your Gamemaster can elect to use the optional rules to run 2d6, 3d6, or 4d6 systems instead.  In fact, the rules book (and Mythos Machine) comes with handy conversion charts just for this purpose. The Mini-System has been play tested since 2007 with great success and a lot of very interesting worlds and Actual Play Stories have been created via the system. 

The ODS provides a fast-action system with tiny-numbers math so players can focus on the story and the action. But don't be lulled into thinking the game is simple just because of the ODS.  As with games like Chess and Go, which have simple rules, the Elthos rules are sophisticated enough to allow for very complex strategies and tactics. Be aware. Play Smart!

With the Elthos RPG you get fast action games with easy math and consistent methods for resolving action so you can focus on the story and characters rather than the mechanics.

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The Mythos Machine is your online Character Manager

This handy web application allows you to Generate and store your Characters online. It handles all the calculations needed to prepare your Characters for adventuring through Elthos Worlds.  You can select your Character's Race and Class, and add equipment, weapons, armor, spells and potentially mystic powers.  You can also record your Character's personality, history, goals and secrets throughout the Adventures you play to keep your personal notes, and record what your Character has achieved. And yes, you can also download your Character into a word document for local storage and printing. It's wonderfully convenient.

RPG Player
The Mythos Machine is jam-packed with fresh and original content reflecting the imaginations of the Gamemasters using it.  You log in, pick your Gamemaster, select the World you want to enter, and then you're ready to Generate or maintain your Characters in that World.  You can have more than one Gamemaster, and as many Characters in the Mythos Machine as your Gamemasters allow.

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For Player Newbies: What the heck is a Gamemaster?!

The Gamemaster is your game’s referee and the author of the World you will be playing in. The Gamemaster will be tracking your experience, items, loot, game events, and story outcomes as well as describing what is happening around your characters as you play adventures in their World. They’re the ones who keep your game running and ensure that the rules are being followed and that everyone at the table is having a great time. And yes, you can download your character into a handy Word document for safe keeping and easy printing. And always remember, if you want to create a world of your own, you can always upgrade to a Gamesmaster account from the Player Info page and gain access to all the tools the Mythos Machine offers to create your own Worlds. It’s amazing fun!  

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