Introducing – The Mythos Machine

The Elthos RPG World Building & Game Prep Utility

Whitewode Plot Map The Mythos Machine is a web application that serves as your supreme Elthos RPG Gamemaster's Game Prep Utility, offering a comprehensive suite of features that are fully integrated with the Elthos RPG Core Rules. It includes the World Weaver’s Studio and Gamemaster Toolbox. It does the heavy lifting and number crunching so you can focus on the creative aspects of the game. If you want to try it out for free, no strings attached, you can always get started with the Mythos Machine in our perpetual Free Open Beta, wherein we let everyone kick the tires, test new features and handle miscellaneous fixes, et al. Or, if you just want to leap in both feet first, no problem. You can sign up right away by going directly to the Mythos Machine!

Create Your Own Worlds Online

The Mythos Machine is a web application designed to help Gamesmasters create and maintain your own unique Worlds. You can access it with any modern browser like Chrome, or FireFox, from anywhere you have an internet connection. Its goal is to make your Elthos Gamemastering easier, faster and more elegant.

You can create any kind of world you wish with Elthos RPG. Do you dream of a game that's low level fantasy without much magic, but lots of political intrigue, and secretive monsters? Or are you envisioning a Space Opera with Psionic Super Heroes, Nega-Spheres, Ether Rays, and Mind Shields? Perhaps you want to create a pre-historic World where Elemental Shaman wage an ageless struggle for survival against dinosaurs, gigantic insects and Volcano Gods? Elthos RPG has got you covered! With the Mythos Machine you can create your own World with whatever Weapons, Armors, Equipment, Classes, Races, Skills and Mystic Powers (and more) as you see fit, making them as simple or complex as you wish with their own “internal rules” that apply exclusively to your World. It’s an incredibly flexible system that gives you complete creative freedom.

Players Can Generate their Characters in Your World Online

Another wonderful benefit of the Mythos Machine is that your players can log in, set you as their Gamemaster, and then Generate Characters in your World. They can pick whatever Races, Classes, Weapons, Armor, Equipment, Skills, and Powers you have made available to Players in your World. And they can maintain their own notes and histories themselves on their Character Sheets. It’s a wonderful feature that the Players really enjoy.

One System That Unites All Worlds

The Mythos Machine is built on top of the Elthos RPG Core Rules. This unites all Worlds with common a foundation. Because of this Gamemasters can freely share their creations with other Gamemasters on the Mythos Machine using the World Elements Trading Post within the Mythos Machine interface. It lets you review what other Gamemasters have made Public for sharing, and download copies of Elements you like into your World. Once you have it, you can change it to suit your own needs, or use it as is. You can even use it for derivative works such as stories, books or movies as per our Mutual Collaboration Society framework. And other GMs can do likewise with whatever you choose to share publically as well.

Elthos Mythos Machine New World

Get Started With A Genre-Based Proto-World

The Mythos Machine won’t leave you in the lurch by making you start completely from scratch. When you create a new World you select one of the available genres, via which the World that gets spawned for you has a small set of Elements related to the genre you selected. You can then go on to modify it for your own unique World. You can keep, change or delete the initial Elements you will find, including the starter set of Places, Campaigns and Adventures that may come with the Proto-World you selected. It makes getting started easy and fun. You can extend the the world any way you wish. While each Proto-World comes with a few adventures, the idea is that it's just a starting point for you as a creative force in your own right. The true goal of Elthos is to foster and encourage creativity and imagination. So have at it and enjoy! As time goes on there will be added more and more Proto-Worlds, one for every genre we can think of, so stay tuned!

Configure Your World to Suit Your Own Game Style

Each World can be configured independently to use 1d6, 2d6, 3d6 or 4d6 dice system. You can set the maximum level for Characters, rename the primary Requisites (aka Character Attributes), choose the rate of Levels advancement, and assign a dozen other options to make your play experience the way you want it. It allows you to flex between configurations smoothly and easily.

Purchase other GM's Worlds from the Worlds Marketplace

Mythos Machine provides World Authors with a Publishing Service, so you can go to the Worlds Marketplace and purhcase worlds created by other GMs on the system, for whatever price they set. Why you can even publish your own, too! Please follow this link to read more about Mythos Machine's World Publishing Service.

Download your World’s Data Locally

The Mythos Machine provides methods for you to download all of the key data of your world into spreadsheets and word documents for local storage, so even if you are going offline you can still use the organizational power of the Mythos Machine for running your games, as well as never worry what might happen if the Elthos system should, heaven forbid, go out of business. You can create entire Worlds, download everything about them, and then publish all of that material independently online if you wish. Mythos Machine even provides nicely formatted renditions of your World's Campaigns to make it as easy as possible for you to publish PDF versions of your settings to any online shop you wish (such as DriveThru RPG). It's an RPG Publisher's dream come true.

The Two Aspects of the Mythos Machine

I – World Weaver Studio - Build Your Own Unique Worlds

Part of what makes a superlative Gamemaster is the ability to create your own worlds, and for Elthos RPG, the Mythos Machine’s World Weaver Studio is where you can doso with style.

Elthos Mythos Machine Places The World Weaver Studio is where you create Places, Campaigns, Adventures, and all the Elements (weapons, armors, classes, races, etc) that players will interact with as they travel through your World. You build your World’s Places as a hierarchical tree at various levels, going from the top level Place all the way down to Specks if you wish. In this structure you might have continents, provinces, cities, streets, houses and rooms. Or you might choose to have Galaxies, Star Systems, Planets, Cities and Dungeons. It's totally up to you. The Places Structure helps you to keep your World nicely organized, and with it you can create as much or as little detail as suits your Gamemastering style.

The World Weaver Studio helps you to create your World they way you want, including Weapons, Armors, Races, Classes, Cultures, Skills and Mystic Powers. All of these Elements are created by the Gamemaster with properties that the Mythos Machine will use for number crunching later. For example, Weapons have attributes such as Attack Level Modifier, Bonus Damage, and so on. When any Character takes that Weapon the Mythos Machine uses the properties you’ve assigned to calculate the total Attack Level for that Character. The Mythos Machine does the number crunching for every Element in your World. It's a tremendous time saver.

Once you’ve created a Places you can create Campaigns for them, and each Campaign can have any number of Adventures. The Adventures can be linked to Adventure Groups and Treasures that you create. The entire structure is designed to help you stay organized, and create a well structured world wherein you will be able to find what you're looking for easily, even when you've built a lot of world to look through.

II – Gamemaster’s Toolbox - Manage Your Game

The Gamemaster’s Toolbox is where Players and Gamemasters Generate Characters that inhabit your World, Organize and Record your Adventures, and run Reports. You can configure your World with three different Character Generation options, either Strict Rolling, Allocation, or a hybrid of the two. Characters can be of any Race and Class you’ve defined. You can assemble Characters into Adventure Groups and manage your Adventures, as well as print all of the handy Print Outs you may need to run your local tabletop game. It’s a huge time saver!

In fact the Mythos Machine can randomly Auto-Generate an entire group of any number of Characters based on the Races, Classes, Levels and numbers you set, and assign them the Weapons, Armor and Skills that pertain to those Race-Classes as you’ve defined them… all in just a few moments. You can also configure each Place in your World with your own Random Encounters Table and auto-generate random encounters directly into your World Print Out. Being able to randomize aspects of your world is pretty fabulous!

The Reports feature allows you to print out your World, create tracking sheets, combat matrixes for each group of Characters that you’ve assigned to your Adventure, printable tokens for board-game style play, and a lot more. Your players will also have a smaller subset of reports as well. When you are finished building your Adventures you can then print them in an attractive format so you can bring them to your local game, or use the Mythos Machine online while you’re playing. It’s totally up to you. You’ll also have access to the list of players who have signed up for your World, manage their characters and communicate updates or changes directly to them.

Enter The Mythos Machine