Elthos Artwork by Mark Abrams

Over the years as the Elthos Project has progressed, there’s been a lot of artwork created by Mark Abrams related to the World of Elthos. The pieces are usually done in pencil, sometimes augmented with colored pencil, and ink, on watercolor paper. The Artwork has become part and parcel of the project as a whole. My goal is to inspire people to think creatively about their RPG Worlds, and I find that the artwork often times helps to plant seeds for new ideas. We’re going to be offering a lot of the Elthos Art on DeviantArt over time, and we’ve also created a line of T-Shirts on which many of these pieces will also find a new home.

What better way to show your support for the Elthos Project than to wear a lovely 100% cotten T-Shirt, or imbibe your coffee from a mug with a beautiful bit of Elthos Art on it?

Find more at Elthos RPG on Deviant Art