Elthos RPG Gamemasters Tools help you to Create your own Worlds.

Introducing the Mythos Machine

The Mythos Machine is a wonder of 21st century technology that fuses your web browser with the Elthos RPG. It is primarily a game prep tool that helps Gamemasters create and maintain their own Worlds by smoothly and efficiently doing all of the number crunching for you, and providing a centralized online location to store your World’s Characters, Places, Adventures, and Story. It also allows your players to generate and maintain their Characters online. Elthos RPG Tools is a comprehensive system designed to make your Gamemastering easier, faster and more elegant.

The Mythos Machine also encourages and builds on the idea of a Mutual Collaboration Society where Gamemasters can freely share their creative work with each other through the Interface.  By creating a unified underlying rules system for all the Worlds in the system it makes sharing things between them possible. Gamesmasters will even be able to create entire Worlds and offer them to other Gamemasters to use via our up and coming Worlds Market Place.  Stay tuned!

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If you like this concept and want to help support future development of the Elthos Project please don’t wait for a KickStarter to do so!   You can help right away by becoming a Beta Tester, purchasing our products and swag from our Shop, or by making a direct contribution to the cause…

The Mission


The Elthos RPG is a light-weight Role Playing Game system for fast and exciting game play. The Mythos Machine is a ‘Next Gen’ Web Application that fully integrates the Elthos RPG Rules. With the Mythos Machine building your own Worlds, and your Game Prep, are vastly simplified. The combination makes the life of the RPG enthusiast smoother, easier and more elegant.


The Elthos RPG and the Mythos Machine gives Gamemasters the freedom to create any kind of World, and populate it with whatever ingenious Races, Cultures, Equipment, Places, Campaigns and Adventures you can imagine. It does the grunt work, and leaves the creativity safely in your own hands, where it belongs! With it you can add your fabulous ideas to your World from anywhere you happen to be.


The Elthos System is highly customizable, allowing you to configure your Worlds any way you want, creating your own internal rules for weapons, armors, skills, powers and much more. You can customize the mechanics of your Worlds in dozens of ways, enabling you to obtain the play style you prefer. You can create anything, and shape your World’s internal rules so that they work any way you want them to.

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