The Elthos System Overview for Gamemasters

Gamemastering Elthos RPG

Gamemastering Elthos RPG is bit of art and a bit of science. At it's core the Gamemaster takes on the role of Author and Referee combined.  You as a Gamemaster create a fictional World with a background story that your friends will play Characters in, and you referee their adventures in your World as you're playing the game. You create your World's history, creatures, cultures, and everything else according to whatever appeals to your imagination.  When you feel you have enough there, you craft adventure stories for your game.  Then you invite your friends and they Generate Characters and begin their adventures in your World. It's awesome fun!

The Elthos RPG is a traditional style Role Playing Game that is fused with a Web Application named The Mythos Machine. Together they form a powerful combination that helps Gamemasters create worlds and run their games with elegance and style.

Here's what Elthos provides to Gamemasters...

Elthos Core Rules Book

Complimentary Download with Gamemaster Subscription

Core Rules Book Layout The Elthos RPG Core Rules Book is free with the basic Gamemaster Subscription (and free with Registration to the Mythos Machine during the Free Open Beta).  It's the best way to familiarize yourself with how the rules work. Think of it as the ideal physical companion to the Mythos Machine.

The Elthos RPG is a highly distilled traditional style role playing game utilizing the "One Die System" (ODS), and a single Conflict Resolution chart called the "General Resolution Matrix". Its primary focus is on fast and efficient play via light weight resolution rules, and tiny numbers math. That said, Elthos RPG also provides you with flexible configuration options including charts and formulas for going beyond the ODS if you wish. The Mini-System has been play tested since 2007 with great success and a lot of very interesting worlds and Actual Play Stories have been created via the system. 

With the Elthos RPG you get fast action games with easy math and consistent methods for resolving action so you can focus on the story and characters rather than the mechanics.

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The Mythos Machine

The Mythos Machine is a wonder of 21st century technology that fuses your web browser with the Elthos RPG. It is primarily a game prep tool that helps Gamemasters create and maintain their own Worlds by smoothly and efficiently doing all of the number crunching for you, and providing a centralized online location to store your World’s Characters, Places, Adventures, and Story. It also allows your players to generate and maintain their Characters online. Elthos RPG Tools is a comprehensive system designed to make your Gamemastering easier, faster and more elegant. 

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Mutual Collaboration Society

In order to encourage an environment in which Gamemasters can freely share their creativity between one another on the system, the Mythos Machine offers the World Things Trading Post.  This feature allows GMs to Share their Things (Armors, Weapons, Places, etc) by setting them as Public.  When another Gamemaster on the System wants to browse Things they will see a list of Public things shared by other GMs.  When they click on a Thing they will see it's description and properties, and if they like it they can import it for use in their own World, where they can modify their copy to whatever degree they wish. Conversely, if you want to keep your creations private, you can do that, too, in which case no one else will see your World's Things but you and your Players. The sharing aspect, according to our Terms of Service, extends to allowing, and being allowed to, use any Public things shared on the system for Derivative Works as well.  So, for example, did a fellow Gamemaster may have shared a fantastic "Sword of Infinite Shining" that you've been using in your game, and now one of your players wants to make a web comic based on it?  No problem! They are allowed to do that. And things that you Share can also be used by others on the system to create their own Derivative Works, or just use them in their own private games as they wish.  It is a share and share alike system with the goal of opening avenues of creative collaboration and allowing people to grow and prosper with each other.

The Upshot...

With the Elthos RPG and the Mythos Machine, you have the freedom to create your own Worlds of any genre you can imagine with a tremendous amount of flexibility, organization and style. Your Player friends can generate and maintain their Characters in your World online. You get an enormous amount of power by combining a light-weight rules system with a web application that is designed to support those rules. It's an awesome package.

If you are a creative person who wants to create and play your own amazing Worlds, then the Elthos System was built for you!  Sign up as a Gamemaster and get started today!

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