Publish Your Own Mythos Machine Worlds!

Create & Publish Your Own Elthos RPG Worlds

So you are a World creator with great concepts that would be of interest to Gamemasters out there, eh? Mythos Machine makes Publishing your Worlds for Sale to other GMs on the system incredibly easy!

Gamemasters on the Premium Subscription Tier can author Worlds and Publish them for sale to other GMs on the Mythos Machine Worlds Marketplace.  These are called Packaged Worlds. When you Publish them to the Worlds Marketplace you set a price for them based on what you feel they are worth (min. $3 to cover our costs and Stripe transaction fees). You will get 76% of the profit of each sale, and the Elthos platform will get 24%.

What kind of World can you create?

That's entirely up to you.  You can create any kind of World you can imagine, and populate it with the Places and Things that make it come alive for GMs and Players.  The Elthos RPG rules are genre-neutral and designed so you can extend it any way you want.  You can create any scope for your World, even star spanning or Universe spanning if you wish.  You can create any Places, Races, Classes, Cultures, Weapons, Armors, Equipment, Skills, and Mystic Powers your World requires.  Any kind of World can be crafted in the Mythos Machine, and once you've created your Things, their properties are all then used by the Mythos Machine's number crunching magic to Auto-Generate everything you need to build out your World's Campaigns and Characters.

But what do your customers get?

When a GM purchases any of your Worlds on the Mythos Machine they get an exact copy of the World, which is comprised of its Setting, including the Places, Campaigns and Adventures you've created, as well as Characters and Things (which include whatever Weapons, Armors, Equipment, Races, Classes, etc., you have created for your World).  They can use your World inside the Mythos Machine to run their games, adding to or modifying the Campaigns to suit their particular needs. They can invite their Players to join the World via the Mythos Machine and roll characters in it, run adventures, and add to the history of their Campaigns in the World you created for them. In other words, they own their copy, and can play with it however they want.  What you are giving them is a World to play in.  What they do with it from there is up to them.

What they can not do is repackage your World and sell it in any way as if it were their own, ever. You retain all copyright ownership of your own Worlds. But you must also guarantee that all of the work in your World is in fact either owned by you, or you have express permission to use it. It is strongly preferred for you to use your own original material, of course.

What do I need to do to become a World Publisher on the Mythos Machine?

To set yourself up as a Publisher on the Platform you must be 18 or older, and an American Citizen. If so, you can subscribe to the Mythos Machine as a Premium Gamemaster, and this will give you access to the Create Packaged Worlds option when you create new Worlds. To be able to Publish your Worlds in the Marketplace you will also need to have a valid Checking Account and provide our platform service at Stripe that information. In fact, Elthos never sees that information at all, and it never passes through our server at all. Stripe is a well respected payment platform that you can review independently. Our integration with Stripe is as secure as it can be, and so you can feel safe with Stripe as your back end sales office.  They will safely and securely handle all transactions between you and your customers, and between you and our Elthos Platform.  No fuss, no muss.  And they also provide you with tools to interact with your customers should you ever wish to do so.

Once you have set yourself up with your Stripe Connect Platform Account you can then start selling your Worlds! It's easy and the sign up process takes about 10 minutes. More detailed instructions are on our World Publisher sign up page.

We encourage World Authors to give it a go. It's amazing fun to create your own Worlds, and there are tons of GMs who are always in the market for fascinating well constructed Worlds to buy. So give it a try and let your imagination soar! Your future customers will thank you for it!