About the Elthos RPG Core Rules

Elthos RPG Core Rules Book

The Elthos RPG Core Rules Book encourages Gamesmasters to exercise their creativity by offering a framework in which you can create your own Worlds. These Worlds can be enormously different from one another in that they may contain the Gamemaster's own Races, Classes, Weapons, Armors, Equipment, Skills, Powers, and Cultures, among other things. Each GM's World can have its own set of "internal" rules, such as for skills and powers, by which Things in their World operate, and yet still be a part of the same Elthos Universe of Worlds. Thus, the Elthos RPG Core Rules unite all Worlds with a common foundation, but the system's design allows for infinite variation by individual GMs.

The default rules configuration is known as the "One Die System" (ODS), though other configurations are defined as well for those who want to modify the play style. The Elthos RPG incorporates a single resolution chart called the "General Resolution Matrix", a simplified Character structure featuring three primary requisites, Strength, Wisdom, and Dexterity. Thus, Character Generation is simple, allowing Players to quickly build new Characters and jump right into the game.

The goal of the ODS Mini-System is to help reduce the complexities of playing RPG Worlds so that the creative aspects such as Story and Character development can be focused on.  The ODS features tiny-numbers math for fast and engaging play. That said, just like chess or go, while the resolution rules are simple, they provide enough complexity to make for infinite possibilities and therefore the game can be as tactically challenging as one wishes. The Elthos RPG also comes with an optional set of Tactical Combat Rules for those who might enjoy the Wargaming aspect of traditional RPGs. The Core Rules Book has everything you need to create your World and start running a game with your friends.

The Core Rules book is 80 pages, full color, and includes the default rules configuration for character generation, combat, skills and powers, original artwork by the author, as well as a table of contents, three appendices for charts and formulas, a quick list for tactical rules, and two pages of optional rules.  It also includes a section on the Philosophy of the system and a Gamemaster's Guide, as well as handy character sheet print outs and combat tracking.  The 80 pages packs a punch!

How to Get the Rules Book

Currently, Gamemasters and Players can download the Elthos RPG Core Rules Book by registering an account on the Mythos Machine. After logging in, you can download the PDF from main Information Screen.  On the other hand, if you don't want to sign up for the Mythos Machine, but just want to get the a digital version of the Elthos RPG Core Rules Book (PDF) we're offering it for sale in order to support the Elthos Project's ambitious future initiatives.  There are currently four versions of the Rules book which you can find in our Book Shop.

The Core Rules Book - 80 pages - all bells & whistles.

The Essential Rules Book - 44 pages - just the rules.

The Essential Rules Book Black & White Printable - 44 pages - just the rules - no images.

The Tactical Rules Book - 17 pages - only the optional Tactical Combat Rules for Wargame Play.

You can obtain all of these books in our Book Shop, along with other Elthos related items as they become available. The Core Rules Book and Essential Rules Book are also for sale on DriveThruRPG as well, for those who prefer the well beaten path.

Please note that our License Agreement for our Rules Books allow fellow content creators to use the Elthos RPG Rules to create any Settings based on the rules that they wish, and to profit from their creations as they see fit – no strings attached.  We will not seek royalties, or limit your ability to publish your own Settings based on the Elthos RPG Rules, except where such publications contain copyright infringements, or illegal materials. Please read the licence agreement in the book for further details.  The only thing we ask, if you do publish, is an attribution of Elthos RPG.  

The Mythos Machine

The Elthos RPG is intended to be used with the Mythos Machine, although that is not required. The Mythos Machine is a web application that integrates fully with the Elthos RPG Rules and with it's suite of Game Prep and World Building features makes the Gamemaster's lives much easier.  It is currently in Free Open Beta.  Learn more about the Mythos Machine...