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  • WoAF - Game Session 20 April 2, 2021
    Down highway 93 they roared, full throttle, hoping to escape whatever it was that had woken up inside the gigantic Mind Shield surrounding the Black Wind V facility. They had to leave LexiB, their trusty Android with the experimental Positronic Brain behind.  No choice.  They fled.The desert was just starting to illuminate by the light […]
  • WoAF - Game Session 19 March 7, 2021
    A sliver of moon crescent hung over the western horizon.  The air above was clear of clouds, but the ever present iridescent radiation nevertheless spanned the sky like a bizarre crackling rainbow-colored river of aurora-energies. It was cold and still, and nothing moved.  Off in the distance, Guns noted the flashes of light to the […]

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Elthos is a company that produces Next Generation Role Playing Game utilities, such as the Elthos RPG Mythos Machine, and related items including rules books, adventure modules, and merchandice.

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