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  • WoAF - Game Session 9 July 28, 2020
    Mech Base 012 It was just at sunset as the team geared up to leave the abandoned and desolate Mech Base 012.  They'd disabled the two towering Mechs by removing the Power-Couplings and Fred had obtained as much archive materials from the base's data vault as he felt he could reasonably make use of.  100 […]
  • WoAF - Game Session 8 July 12, 2020
    Having stopped in the pitch darkness outside of the small derelict Mech-Base just north of Gray Mountain, Arizona on Route 89, the party sat in the Armored Ground Vehicle (AGV) surveying the scene on their Visi-screens in every spectrum of light from ultra-violet to infrared. Captain Samwise cut the lights and went on Low Power […]

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Elthos is a company that produces Next Generation Role Playing Game utilities, such as the Elthos RPG Mythos Machine, and related items including rules books, adventure modules, and merchandice.

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