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  • Bruno of Elthos December 31, 2019
    I got a Wacom CTL-470 Tablet.  It's an older, simpler model... an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. So, you can guess what comes next ... I shall of course be posting some of my better sketches here.  Just some fun things to pass the time, and I do want to learn how to draw […]
  • Elthos RPG - Progress Report 2019 December 16, 2019
    As you may know, I've been working on Elthos RPG since 1978 when I created the original Elthos RPG Rules.  I have been GMing my homebrew system ever since, and after 40+ years am tickled pink that so many players have enjoyed the crazy Worlds I've come up with, and the many outrageous adventures I've […]

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Elthos is a company that produces Next Generation Role Playing Game utilities, such as the Elthos RPG Mythos Machine, and related items including rules books, adventure modules, and merchandice.

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