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Please note that we are currently in Open Beta and will be developing and testing the new payment system for the next few days. The checkout option is not currently available as we are currently in Test Mode so payments will not go through.

However, you can pick up your free copy of the Elthos RPG Rules DRAFT #8 (which is the latest public free version) on the Mythos Machine by creating a Free Open Beta account and downloading it from the Main Information Screen.

Thanks for your patience while the work is being completed!

Elthos Is Proud To Present Our Original Digital Products

Our Book Shop’s mission is to provide beautiful, versatile and functional Rules Books.  We will also be offering Adventure Modules (coming soon), and Actual Play Story Books (also coming soon) for our friends in the RPG community. Anything that we can put into a digital download format can be found here. Products that require physical printing and shipping will be sold via various 3rd Party Websites such as DeviantArt, and DriveThruRPG. Enjoy!

The Elthos RPG Rules are designed to help Gamemasters to build their own Worlds in any way they wish. They provide an RPG rules framework for you to work within in order to help keep things in your World consistent. At the same time, the rules avoid putting constraints on your creative freedom. The framework helps by providing a solid yet simple mechanical structure, but what you build is totally up to you. It presents examples to get you started, and then lets you get on with the creative work, unimpeded by a pre-established setting or story line. If you’re an imaginative person who enjoys creating your own RPG Worlds, Elthos was built for you.

Mutual Collaboration Society License Agreement

In order to support our concept of a Mutual Collaboration Society, our License Agreement for our Rules Books allow fellow content creators to use the Elthos RPG Rules to create any Settings based on the rules that they wish, and to profit from their creations as they see fit - no strings attached*.  We will not seek royalties, or limit your ability to publish your own Settings based on the Elthos RPG Rules, except where such publications contain copyright infringements, or illegal materials, or otherwise compromise the Elthos brand. Please read the licence agreement in the book for further details.

* Coming soon... Elthos will offer a 'Worlds Marketplace' through which Authors may also elect to sell their Mythos Machine Worlds to other GMs on the system, and in these cases Elthos will receive a small percent as a commission of each sale.

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