Introducing the Elthos RPG Mythos Machine

Elthos is a highly distilled and incredibly flexible Role Playing Game for Gamemasters who want to create their own Worlds of any genre or setting you can imagine. The Rules are designed for fast-action, light-weight games that minimize grunt-work and maximize creativity. Mythos Machine is the Web Application created to support Elthos RPG with a comprehensive set of Game Prep services that are fully and seamlessly integrated with the Elthos Rules framework.

All you need for Mythos Machine to help you create your own Worlds is your fantastic imagination. Mythos Machine handles the number crunching, helps you structure your World's places, campaigns and adventures, and acts as your record keeping butler to whatever depth and degree you wish.

In addition, your players can use the Mythos Machine to easily generate their Characters in your Worlds, maintain the ongoing histories of their Adventures, and keep notes on whatever they wish for future reference.

The Elthos Rules and the Mythos Machine combine to provide Gamemasters an elegant, well structured environment for creating Worlds and recording game stories. Save time. Focus on the creative aspects of your game. Keep a searchable record of all characters, places, campaigns and adventures in your worlds. Have fun!

Start creating your World today!

The Mission


The Elthos RPG is a light-weight Role Playing Game framework designed for simple-to-run, fast and exciting game play. The Mythos Machine is a Web Application that integrates the Elthos RPG Rules, allowing the GM to easily create Worlds, and manage them. Using Elthos RPG and the Mythos Machine, building your own Worlds and playing them with your friends is vastly simplified.


The Elthos RPG and the Mythos Machine combine to give Gamemasters the freedom to easily create any kind of Worlds imaginable, populating them with whatever Cultures, Equipment, Skills, Places, Adventures (and more) the GM wishes. Mythos Machine handles all the number crunching grunt work, while leaving the creativity safely in your own hands where it belongs!


Elthos RPG is entirely customizable, allowing you to configure your Worlds in an enormous number of ways, thereby enabling you to craft the play style you and your players prefer. You can also provide Elements for your Worlds (Weapons, Armors, Skills, etc) with your own internal custom rules. Thus, Mythos Machine helps you shape your Worlds so that they work exactly the way you want them to.