What Are the Ways You Can Support the Elthos Project

What Are the Ways You Can Support the Elthos Project

Do you know about the benefits of playing Elthos role-playing games?

After all, over 15 million people play multiplayer online games.

Not only do role-playing games boost problem-solving techniques, but they also promote an environment to work together with others.

If you also believe that Elthos role-playing allows people to explore their creativity and bond with similar-minded players, then you are exactly who we need to continue the process of developing new aspects of the Elthos World.

Interested in learning how you can provide us with excellent feedback to keep the ball rolling?

Read on to discover how online giving is a way you can help make a difference in the gaming community that loves Elthos World right now.

1. Purchasing Merchandise Online Giving

Visting the Elthos bookshop is a helpful way to contribute to the future of the Elthos RPG Project. Purchasing a copy of the Elthos RPG Official Rules Book provides users with a way to monitor how they create their world and storyline.

The core rules book is equipped with instructions on the philosophy of the Elthos system and how one can generate the perfect character.

Another purchase that is both exciting to own and extremely beneficial for continuing the growth of the Elthos RPG Project are the t-shirts we sell.

Express your love of role-playing games by investing in our quality cotton t-shirts. Designs vary from graphics featuring a unicorn man to a green dragon. Once you order one of our t-shirts and fall in love, you’ll be buying them as Christmas presents for all of your friends to wear, too.

2. Buy a Game Subscription

One other way you can easily support the Elthos Project through online giving is when you buy a game subscription. Role-playing games are the entertainment of the future, so why not explore it yourself with a subscription?

Join the Mythos Machine today as a player to create your own unique world. Luckily, you can also have as many characters as you desire in your world. The creative freedom is in your hands. Buy a game subscription today to see for yourself how much the gaming world will benefit your life.

3. Become a Beta Tester

Want a chance to try out the Mythos Machine as a beta tester? You have the choice to be a player or a Gamemaster while testing out the free open beta Mythos Machine software.

What will we ask of you?

It’s important that you provide us with a valid e-mail address. In order to understand your opinions on the Mythos Machine, we need a way to contact you to read your comments and suggestions for changes.

Your honest feedback is yet another way we want our users to actively engage in online giving. Our goal is to make the Elthos Project continue to thrive through the helpful advice given to us from our beloved audience.

Contribute to the Future of Elthos

Thank you for the support of online giving in whatever shape that may be.

Whether you donate through purchasing a t-shirt or buying a game subscription, I am grateful for your participation to keep advancing the project into the future.

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