Want to Become a Game Maker Online? Here’s How.

Want to Become a Game Maker Online? Here’s How.

Do you want to bring your love for gaming to life?  Do you have entire creative worlds or universes in your head that you want to explore onscreen? If you want to become a game maker online, we’ve got a short guide to some basics to help you get started!

1. Choose Your RPG Type

As you begin to plan your game, you’ll need to choose what format the game will follow.

RPGs come in a number of varieties, but three of the most common types are:

  • Online Virtual Tabletop
  • Live Action Role Playing (LARP)
  • Pencil and Paper (which can be played online as well)

Rather than try to create a totally unique model, it may be best to choose the RPG type that you are most familiar with and adapt it to your liking. By doing so, there’s a better chance that players will at least be familiar with the gameplay.  Each of these types of game have different criteria for success, but all of them can make for compelling game systems.

2. Establish Gaming Guidelines

Once you choose your RPG type, you’ll need to establish the rules of the game.

As a game maker online, you can start by determining the style of gameplay. Decide whether players will take action in the game with each taking a turn one-after-another or if players can take action freely over a set period of time.

Next, you can outline the character classes of your game. A character class identifies the unique role that a character plays in your game. Some standard classes include hunters, thieves, wizards, warriors, priests.  Consider how these classes interact with each other, and what influence they may have on the game world you’re creating.

3. How Do Your Characters Move Within the Game World?

After you’ve determined gameplay and character classes, identify how the various characters will move throughout the game.

You can get creative with your own unique character movement mechanic or stick with tried-and-true mechanics.

For example, combat movement is based on turns, with players moving their characters a certain distance or committing actions with each turn.

Overworld movement, on the other hand, often allows players to move longer distances across a map during their turns.

4. Define Your Character Stats

With character mechanics in place, you can now set the main stats for each character. Common stats include strength, wisdom, energy, and dexterity and they vary from character to character.

As players move their characters in gameplay, typically you’ll have a mechanism for the characters to grow their stats and level up through actions, such as defeating a monster, winning a battle, or retrieving a treasure.

5. Consider User Experience and Replay Value

One last aspect of gameplay to consider is overall user experience. From the world design, to the graphics, to clarity in gameplay, be sure your RPG feels top notch, yet familiar to players.

Doing so will ensure that players show up and most importantly continue to come back to play.

Build the Game of Your Dreams as a Game Maker Online

Now that you’ve got these tips to become a game maker online, we hope you’re feeling inspired to get started.

Not sure if you’re fit to be a gamemaster or a little uneasy about the tech side of creating your own RPG? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through how Elthos works!

Leave a comment to let us know what kind of worlds you’ve been cooking up in your head!

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