Ultimate Future of Entertainment – Elthos Role Playing Games

Ultimate Future of Entertainment – Elthos Role Playing Games

Role Playing Games are one of the best forms of entertainment, and to some extent, this is a boon that the late 20th century has granted to us, thanks be to Gygax, Arneson and the other early pioneers of this fantastic game concept. Be it a child or an 80-years old grandpa; everyone enjoys playing games. And over time the popularity of Role Playing Games has skyrocketed enormously. This is not because these games are easy to play and freely available, but because they provide a fabulous medium by which we can exercise our imaginations and play out virtual adventures across myriads of fantastical worlds… all from the safety and comfort of our living rooms. How great is that?

Among Role Playing Game designers there different ideas of what makes for compelling games. For instance, certain designers prefer a skills-based role playing game. Using this style, players have some points or other units of measurement, which they can spend on individual abilities, powers, attributes, skills, or other advantages. Other designers take the approach of Randomization, rather than Character point allocations.  And so on.  And this is largely because Gamers have different preferences, and so designers are trying to cater to whatever works for the people playing their games.

Elthos RPG is a RPG World Building and Game Prep Platform, rather than simply an RPG.  It provides the flexibility for you as Gamemaster to alter the rules by which the game runs as you see fit.  The Elthos RPG Core Rules enable Gamemasters to design their Worlds with ultimate flexibility, agility, and versatility, making the internal rules for their World as simple or complex as they wish. 

It is the enormous flexibility of the Elthos RPG Mythos Machine that allows the Gamemaster creative control over not only the setting of their World but the mechanics by which it will run. This kind of Gamemaster Prep Utility is a step towards the future of RPG Software, and going forward we want to advance on this and enhance it because we believe that the creativity inherent in Role Playing Games is ultimately what makes them so compelling, and frankly a superior form of entertainment to the more passive older forms by which participants can only view other people’s creativity, but not actively participate in the creative process. This is why I believe RPGs are the ultimate future of Entertainment, and Elthos RPG is a stake holder in and ground breaker towards that future.

If you want to know more about the Elthos RPG Platform, then please visit https://elthos.com, where you can find out more.  We are currently in Free Open Beta, and invite you to register an account and create your first World today!

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