Top 3 Mistakes Made by Elthos RPG Beginners

Top 3 Mistakes Made by Elthos RPG Beginners

Elthos Role Playing Games (Elthos RPG) are challenging. In addition to preparing the game and creating characters and backstories, you also need to deal with the players and make schedules. A significant blunder can throw the game off, so it is best to avoid certain common mistakes.

Here are some notable ones that you should try to avoid in your Elthos RPG games:

Do not make excuses for your character

Taking complete control of your character is important. Work with your group rather than focusing in on what you think your character would or would not do. Remember that RPGs are a group activity and teamwork is something that the players should generally strive for.  Try to work out the motivation behind any action. Is it because of any hidden agenda or does the character have a sense of companionship with the rest of the group? If it’s because of your own personal agenda, then reconsider how you might instead align your character’s motives with the group.  This makes for better team play and avoids creating unnecessary problems with other players in the group.

Demanding attention from other players

It is okay to depend on other characters in certain situations, however, do not ask for help from others all the time. The players involved would already have their own things to worry about, and they won’t want to stop everything to lend a helping hand if your questions are things that you could resolve on your own.  For example, do you find you need a lot of help with the rules?  Well, the answer to that is to study the rules book and try to learn them as best you can in advance of the game.   Elthos, by the way, makes it relatively easy as the Mythos Machine does a great deal of the number crunching for you, and the Elthos RPG rules are relatively simple and light-weight, which makes the learning curve not too difficult.

Not paying enough attention to the game

Some people can get easily distracted by other stuff like their phone or their books just because they are bored with the game. If you want to do other things, step away from the game rather than ruining the fun with your half-hearted presence. Be respectful of what others do even when you are not on board with it.

The important thing about all this is that we learn from our mistakes and be better at each passing day.

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