Tips to Build Your RPG Character

Tips to Build Your RPG Character

It is quite hard to build a character that is intuitive and entertaining at the same time. If you want to feel a connection between you and your character, you need to have a solid understanding of the character’s background, motivation, and decision-making. Here are some tips that can help you create your first Elthos RPG character:

Create someone similar to you

When you are playing a character in a fictional universe that character can have any personality, background or alignment.  Sometimes it helps to pick someone you know, or even yourself, to model the character on so that playing that character is more intuitive to you.

Be more mischievous

If you find that your characters are a little to plain, and not as interesting as you’d like, you can always spice things up by playing a character who has a few character flaws that make playing them more interesting.  Perhaps they’re excessively greedy, or overly proud.  It’s a role-playing Elthos RPG gaming System.  You get a chance to play roles that in real life you might never dream of.  Enjoy it.  It’s fun!

Pick a favorite fictional character to play

If you do not want to play a character like yourself or someone you know, you can always choose a favorite character from a book, movie or show you enjoy as a basis for your new character. Do you want to play a rebel leader? Why not take Princess Leia from the Star Wars as an inspiration?  There’s a myriad of possibilities!  Go for it!

Keep things simple

Do not forget that it is all about having fun and it is easier to slip in and out of your character when you have less baggage. By overcomplicating things, you can make the game more stressful than needs be.

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