Why You Should Support Indie RPG Games

Why You Should Support Indie RPG Games

Settling into your comfiest chair, firing up your favorite game, and losing an hour or two in incredible worlds of adventure…This is true bliss for a gamer.

You’ve no doubt shelled out the big bucks for games with famous companies behind them. But you’ve no doubt enjoyed plenty of games from smaller studios, too.

Indie RPG games are a unique breed — and they could go extinct if we don’t nurture and support them. Need a few good reasons to throw a few dollars their way? Keep reading!

They Don’t Play Games With Your Mind

Some of the big boys like to mess with customers regarding playability and ownership.

Developers like EA games and Ubisoft use tactics like forcing you to play online even in single player mode. Some companies even shut off servers and to prevent access to parts of their games!  That’s no fun for anyone!

But Indie RPG games are yours when you buy them and playable no matter what your connection.

Indie RPG Games Are Unique

Movies and games frequently get stuck in development hell. They are tweaked to death by big companies that are looking at a product, not an artistic expression.

Indie RPG games are frequently a labor of love, a story that is bursting out of a creator’s heart. As a result of that, they’re frequently weird but also unique.  And really fun!

Take Five Nights At Freddy’s. This independent game was its creator’s last-ditch effort to be a game developer and became one of the biggest selling indie games on the market.

Won’t Break Your Budget

Because Indie Game Studios often don’t have tons of mouths to feed, they’re priced a little bit more affordably. With an average price of under $9, some even say they’re too cheap!

A brand new game from a big name company can set you back quite a bit. Why not try an independent game that’s unique and interesting?

Indie Game Developers Love You!

Those last two points — indie RPG games are a labor of love and they don’t have a lot of overhead — are important for this point.

Indie game developers love you, their audience. They worked hard to make their dream come true and you’ve shown them some love with less than $9 gratitude.

You bought a collection of pixels but also that game developer’s gratitude. Doesn’t that give you the warm and fuzzies?

They Work With Any System

Have you ever brought home the latest big name game and realized your computer specs weren’t up to the task?

With indie games, that’s usually not a problem. Most independent games can run on any system.

Ready for an Adventure?

Want to play an exciting game and support an indie game developer? Join us in Elthos!

Elthos is not a Video Game.  It’s a traditional style Role Playing Game … While you can always have your imagination go along for the ride, traditional RPGs put you in the driver’s seat.  You become the creative force of the game, and to be honest, that’s a lot more fun.  You can create your own Worlds exactly as you want, populate them with creatures and characters that match your vision, and then bring your friends in on the fun! The only limits are your own imagination.

Wonderful worlds of imagination await you in the game — and the satisfaction of supporting a unique dream awaits you in real life. Come play Elthos and join an incredible adventure!

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