Elthos RPG Essential Rules Book

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Short and sweet – just the rules, no frills.¬†ūüôā And FREE!

Elthos RPG is a Traditionalist Style, Ancient School (dating back to 1978), Light-Weight, Genre-Neutral system designed for Gamemasters who want to thrive on creating their own Worlds!  Fast action, infinite creativity!  Enjoy it!

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Elthos RPG Essential Rules Book

This book has only the essential rules, no frills.  Just the mechanics, all the mechanics, and nothing but the mechanics.  Included are Character Generation, Skills & Mystic Powers building, Tactical Rules Quick List, Elthos Character Print Sheet, and Appendix B & C (Charts & Formulas). Beautifully rendered with original artwork by Mark Abrams. 44 pages.

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Elthos RPG is a medium-light weight traditional RPG with its roots dating back to 1978. ¬†Over many years (since 2007) it has been distilled down into a concise yet flexible mini-system for ease of play, named “The One Die System“. ¬†This is the default configuration for the Elthos RPG, but the rules book includes higher dice options for those who prefer more nuance. ¬†Its mission is to provide Gamemasters with the freedom to create your Worlds. Therefore the Core Rules doesn’t impose a Setting, but instead provides only the mechanics of the system, with a small set of example items and Characters to be used as a basis for expansion by the Gamemaster. If you’re a creative type who enjoys creating your own Worlds, then Elthos is built for you.

The Rules Book is designed as a stand alone product that can be used independently, but it is intended to be used in conjunction with The Mythos Machine, a web application that fully integrates the Elthos RPG Rules and provides World Building and Character Management Services (among many other features).  Together they form a powerful combination of fast-play and comprehensive computer support.  Take a gander at the Review Elthos RPG РMore Than Meets the Eye by Mark Knights for more information, or simply hop on over to The Mythos Machine and take a look for yourself.  We are currently in Free Open Beta.

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