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Elthos RPG Core Rules Book

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Elthos RPG is a Traditionalist Style, Ancient School (dating back to 1978), Light-Weight, Genre-Neutral system designed for Gamemasters who want to thrive on creating their own Worlds!  Fast action, infinite creativity!  Enjoy it!

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Elthos RPG Core Rules Book

Here’s the complete Elthos RPG Core Rules Book!  This book has all of the core rules, with all frills, bells & whistles. Included are Table of contents, Introduction to the Philosophy of the Elthos system, Character Generation, Skills & Mystic Powers building, complete Tactical Rules plus the Tactical Quick List, all Optional Rules, as well as printable Elthos Character, Combat Tracking, and blank Hex Map & Square Map Print Sheets, all Appendices, and the Page Index. All beautifully rendered with original Artwork by the Author, Mark Abrams. 80 pages.

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Elthos RPG is a medium-light weight traditional RPG with its roots dating back to 1978.  Over many years (since 2007) it has been distilled down into a concise yet flexible mini-system for ease of play, named “The One Die System“.  This is the default configuration for the Elthos RPG, but the rules book includes higher dice options for those who prefer more nuance.  Its mission is to provide Gamemasters with the freedom to create your Worlds. Therefore the Core Rules doesn’t impose a Setting, but instead provides only the mechanics of the system, with a small set of example items and Characters to be used as a basis for expansion by the Gamemaster. If you’re a creative type who enjoys creating your own Worlds, then Elthos is built for you.

The Rules Book is designed as a stand alone product that can be used independently, but it is intended to be used in conjunction with The Mythos Machine, a web application that fully integrates the Elthos RPG Rules and provides World Building and Character Management Services (among many other features).  Together they form a powerful combination of fast-play and comprehensive computer support.  Take a gander at the Review Elthos RPG – More Than Meets the Eye by Mark Knights for more information, or simply hop on over to The Mythos Machine and take a look for yourself.  We are currently in Free Open Beta.

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