Popular Misconceptions about Elthos RPG

Popular Misconceptions about Elthos RPG

Elthos RPG gaming system is one of the best ways to switch on our brains the same way a good book does. It develops creativity as it allows the player to have the liberty to move everything.  Of course, each game has a set of rules to follow, but it is just a framework to whatever you and your team come up with. But some people see Role Playing Games as a cult of introverted teenagers who gather together, dress up, worship Satan and commit suicide.

There are plenty of misconceptions about Role Playing Games (Elthos RPG) out there and here are the ridiculous ones that take the cake:

RPG enhance obsessive behavior

A devoted sports fan who frequently talks about statistics and scores wouldn’t be termed as “obsessive,” but an enthusiastic RPG gamer is considered an addict. Yes, Elthos RPG is entertaining, for sure, but it is no more addictive than any other hobby a person can have, except that it requires more brain power.

It encourages suicide

On various occasions, RPGs are blamed for causing suicide. But after comprehensive research, the Albert Einstein University found out that there is no relation between gaming and suicide behavior.

It is for children

On the contrary, RPG is a hobby that goes beyond culture, gender and age. More than a half of gamers are between the ages of 19 to 35.  Since RPGs allow you to roleplay, anyone, you want to be, it really is open to everyone for fun and enjoyment

It is funny that these myths are as old as the gaming itself and are still around, but it is up to you whether you believe it or not.

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