Mythos Machine Web Application – Ultimate Tool for Creating Your Own Online World

Elthos Tarot DeckWhen it comes to creating your very own online World, a fabulous new RPG Platform can help you do so with elegance and style.  The Mythos Machine Web Application. This online Gamemaster’s Toolbox and World Weaver’s Studio is designed to help Gamemasters create their own Worlds and manage their Player’s adventures. Be it Firefox or Chrome; you can access the Mythos Machine with any modern browser from anywhere seamlessly. 

In order to use this simple yet powerful web application, first, you only need to sign up, at which point you will be a Player and able to generate Characters in the various Worlds of Elthos Gamemasters.  When you’re ready you can advance yourself to Gamemaster, and then you will have access to the Game Preparation utility of the Mythos Machine. This utility offers you a comprehensive and integrated suite of tools that connect the Gamemaster with the core rules of Elthos RPG.  It does all of the number crunching for you so you can feel free to focus on the creative aspects of the game.

The Mythos Machine Web Application is subdivided into two aspects, which are Gamemaster’s Toolbox and the World Weaver’s Studio.  This amazingly flexible system provides you ultimate creative freedom, where you can design your own World and showcase your imagination. Whether you wish to create a magical fantasy world or an epic space opera that incorporate superheroes or prehistoric monsters, you can do it all with the Elthos RPG; anything you can imagine for your World can be made using the Mythos Machine Web Application.

This web application has as its foundation the Core Rules of Elthos RPG, making it agile and flexible, and consistent between Worlds. Sign up for the Free Open Beta version of Mythos machine now without any cost.  Give it a spin and create your first World today!

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