What is Elthos RPG?

What is Elthos RPG?

Elthos is a traditional style RPG Rules System that first made its appearance in 1978. The Mythos Machine is the web application that comprehensively supports the Elthos RPG with two major features.

The World Weaver’s Studio helps GMs with building their Worlds, and populate them with Places, Campaigns, Adventures and Things (Equipment, Weapons, Armors, Cultures, Races, Classes, Mystic Powers, Skills, etc) that the Gamemaster creates based on their concepts of what their World is like.

GamesMaster’s Toolbox serves as number cruncher for Character Generation, Adventure Groups Management, and running Reports, the most popular being the Print World Report which produces a nicely formatted print out of the GM’s World, Places, Campaigns, Adventures, and optionally includes Character Stat Blocks, Maps, Images, and Campaign History.

You can read more about Elthos RPG & Mythos Machine in Mark Knights Review: Elthos RPG – More than Meets The Eye

To join the Open Beta, download the Elthos RPG Rules and try out the Mythos Machine for yourself for free.

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