Get Your Game On: 5 Essential Things You Need For Elthos

Get Your Game On: 5 Essential Things You Need For Elthos

You’ve settled in and are ready to play with Elthos open world RPG creator. But whether you’re a magician, a warrior, a thief, or any other myriad character, you need some gear to get started.

You wouldn’t head out to defeat a dark wizard without your Staff of Incanation. Don’t start your RPG session without stocking up on these essential items!

1) Open World RPG Rules

What makes a game a game? The rules you have to obey.

Without end zones, what’s the point of fighting to get a football from one end of a field to another? If Mario could swim in lava, those dungeon levels would’ve been a lot easier!

Rules present goals, the means of achieving them, and the boundaries you have to abide by. Pick up an Elthos RPG Core Rules Book before you set off on your open world RPG.

2) Notebook and Index Cards

As a game master, it helps to have your notes nearby. While Elthos does the heavy lifting for you, there’s something to be said about having a notebook nearby.

During your gaming session, you might be hit with inspiration. In these cases, jotting down your ideas helps make the next game great.

Did the action in the castle crawl to a stop? Maybe adding in a clan of feisty kobolds will move things along.

Jot notes, generate ideas, and your open world RPG will get better and better.

3) Tactical Strategy

Now you know the rules – what about tactics? You can’t win without being strategic.

We’ve all played a button-mashing arcade game or tried throwing everything at an enemy to see what stuck. How far did that really get you?

Most of the time, you probably exhausted your resources. If you got lucky, you might’ve beaten your enemy through sheer force.

The Elthos RPG tactical rules book will help you in every battle you rage. Use it and learn from it to get a leg up on the competition and come out victorious!

4) Die

What’s an open world RPG without your trusty dice? It’s such an ancient concept even the ancient Egyptians had a 20 sided die.

Elthos is programmed to be as simple as one die play or you can up the amount of dice – and the complexity.

With so many options in your local gaming and hobby shop, you can get creative and express yourself, too.

Want a pair of stone-serious dark grey dice? Now your fellow travelers know you mean business.

How about a pretty pink pair? Your fairy character demands no less!

Games are about fun – having dice that matches your personality is part of it.

5) Friends

Just as a game needs rules and boundaries, you also need players. You’ll have no problem summoning your motley crew when it’s time to fire up Elthos!

With Elthos, your only limits are your imagination. You can craft worlds, magic, and cultures exactly as you’d like. Just turn your friends loose in the world and let the fun begin!

Final Thought

Was there an essential item you can’t live without when playing RPG games? Let us know in the comments!

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