Elthos RPG – RPG World Creation Platform That You Have Been Looking For

Elthos RPG – RPG World Creation Platform That You Have Been Looking For

Elthos RPG began in the year 1978 with a homebrew rules system and the Iron Legions of Telgar Campaigns. It is a flexible rules system which helps you create and play your own RPG Worlds. The Core Mechanic revolves around one six-sided die for fast and furious fun.

The General Resolution Matrix displays the Skill Level vs Difficulty Level of any task, which the roll of the die must either match or surpass for success. Once the die is rolled, number 6 is the best result, while 1 indicates a failure of some kind. This is a very simple and consistent means by which to determine chances of success for any actions throughout the game.

The Elthos RPG characters have three primary attributes, called Requisites; Strength, Wisdom, and Dexterity. Though you can change the names as you please, their mechanical functions within the rules remain the same. The Character’s Levels increase by gaining Experience Points, obtained through successful skills usage.

The Elthos RPG is vastly enhanced by its supporting “Next Generation” web application, the Mythos Machine. The Mythos Machine simplifies the task of building your own Worlds. Things you create, such as the weapons, armors, classes, and races, can also be imbued with Internal Rules that are specific to your own World. It also allows your players to generate and maintain their characters online. The life of an RPG enthusiast is made smoother and easier by the combination of both, the Elthos RPG and the Mythos Machine. Together they optimize your ability to create your own Worlds and Gamemaster them with elegance and style.

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