Elthos RPG Gaming System – Platform for Creating Your own Fantastic Worlds

Elthos RPG Gaming System – Platform for Creating Your own Fantastic Worlds

The Elthos RPG gaming system is such a tool that allows you to create your own world of any genre you can imagine,  creating your own internal rules specific to your World, and generate Characters, monsters, and everything else you would need to run your Role Playing Game. It has three different methods of Characters Generation to choose from. The Player will have the number of chances to Generate their Character as the Gamemaster allows, the default being three.  They will then pick their favorite to play, or if the Gamemaster is cool with it play two, or more.  The Elthos RPG makes use of the “One Die System (ODS)”, but afford you the option to reconfigure it for multiple dice, such as 2d6, 3d6, or 4d6 for those who want a deeper bell jar curve for their World.  Personally, I like the ODS because it’s stark, and that tends to lead to more exciting game play.  Great for one shot, and short campaigns.

Depending on how you approach the game, and your role as Gamemaster, Role Playing Games can be considered a form of art, particularly from the story perspective.  Through their adventures, Players and the Gamemaster can create interesting, if not downright meaningful stories.  It’s up to you to find the way to do that, and I’ve found that reading a lot of medieval and classical literature has helped me in this quite a bit.  I recommend it highly. 

Players and the Gamemaster can maintain their Characters online in the Mythos Machine, our amazing online Elthos RPG Game-Prep tool.  The Elthos system gives you the freedom to create your own Worlds, and build characters according to your own desires.  To help you with this aspect, the Mythos Machine features a Gamemaster’s Toolbox, which facilitates Character generation, the organization of adventure groups, and the running of a variety of Reports which give you various views of your world. 

You can print out the Gamemaster’s World too, including your World’s Character Stat Blocks, maps, campaign history, adventure objectives, maps, and images. The Mythos Machine gives you a very easy way to take a tour of your thoughts about your World. 

When it comes to the Elthos RPG gaming system is a lightweight and agile system that allows gamers to focus on the creative aspects of the game and showcase your imagination. Together the Elthos RPG and the Mythos Machine optimize your ability to create your own Worlds and Gamemaster them with elegance and style.

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