E-Commerce Setup – It’s Working!

E-Commerce Setup – It’s Working!

Elthos Books for Sale

After much in the way of Research (and I mean MUCH) I have finally managed to get everything together to be able to offer our Digital PDF Books on our own Website. This is very exciting! You can now purchase our books by going to the Shop and there you will see our selection of the first 4 Elthos RPG Rules Books.

What books?

The first book is the Elthos RPG Core Rules Book, which has everything including the kitchen sink. It’s 80 pages and chock full of Elthos RPG goodness, including all the rules, print sheets, guides, appendixes and artwork and photographs by Mark Abrams.

The second book is the Essential Rules Book, which has only the basic rules, no frills. It’s 44 pages.

The third book is the Essential Black & White Print Version, which is exactly the same as the Essential Rules, but with the images and color taken out so that you can easily print it. Also 44 pages.

The fourth book is Tactical Combat Rules Book, which covers all things Combat in the Elthos RPG, and nothing else, just in case all your interested in is the Tactical Combat for board game purposes. This book is intended to be used with the Essential Rules so that you will also know how to create Character for combat, of course. This book is 17 pages.

And there you have it! Woot! 😀

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