How Can I Become an Elthos RPG Member?

How Can I Become an Elthos RPG Member?

Seasons Greetings From Elthos!

Are you interested in playing Elthos RPG? Check out the latest innovation in RPG games!

Elthos combines a genre-neutral RPG with the complement of advanced technology. The Mythos Machine help Gamemasters create their own Worlds, while players can login to create and maintain their own Characters in the Gamemaster’s Worlds.

You can either be a Gamemaster, the author of the world and story, or a player, who plays the World’s Main Characters. As a player, you embark on adventures in the world the Gamemaster creates. The outcome is determined by the decisions the Player Characters make and the roll of dice.  Elthos RPG is a traditional style Tabletop RPG, but has amazing computer support to help with the maintenance of Worlds and Characters.

Read on and find out how to become a player or a Gamemaster, and use the Mythos Machine online web application.

Become an Elthos Player

To become a Mythos Machine Player, you have to sign up for the Mythos Machine online web application. You can access the Mythos Machine through any web browser.

After you sign up for Elthos, you pick a Gamemasters, and select a World of theirs you want to play in, and then create your Character(s). Your Characters can have a Race and Class, and you can select the equipment and weapons including armor, spells, and magic powers your Character starts off with.  All of these can be completely different from World to World, as it depends entirely on what the Gamemaster creates for their Worlds.

You can even create your character’s personality, any goals, and their history.

You can also create multiple characters. Or, you can create one character and play with friends.

If you’re unsure of character ideas, create someone similar to you or to your interests. Be sure to create a character who loves adventure and a good challenge.

Becoming a Gamemaster

If you decide to become a Gamemaster, you can create your own world.

You create the the world, it’s places, history campaigns and adventures the characters will encounter. You’ll also be controlling the non-player characters in your World.  For all characters you can use the Mythos Machine to track their progress, items they gained, and the resulting story events that their characters engage in.

You are the Author of your World, and also the Referee of your game.

Elthos runs on a super simplified One Six-Sided die system to keep things fast moving and easy on the brain, but you have more dice options to choose from, include 2d6, 3d6, or 4d6.

Be sure to study the rules and conversion charts to know what works for you.

You access all Gamemaster features in Mythos Machine.

Sign Up for the Mythos Machine Online Web Application

Now that you know how Elthos works, become a player. After you’ve familiarized yourself with the game, become a Gamemaster and get started on creating your own fantastic worlds.

If you really love this game, Elthos has some lovely swag available, too!

Either way, you will have a lot of fun living out your adventures and being creative.

If you’re ready to play, sign up for the Mythos Machine and get ready to become an Elthos player!

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