How Can I Become an Elthos RPG Game Master

How Can I Become an Elthos RPG Game Master

A Mini-Guide on becoming a Gamemaster

The Gamemaster: the creator of worlds, facilitator of adventure, crafter of stories. Do you have it what it takes?

Whether or not you answered “yes,” there are steps you can take if your goal is to become the ultimate Elthos Gamemaster.

Keep reading to learn just what they are, and begin your journey.

Start as a Player

First things first: you need to become a great Player before you can become the Master. Like most positions of leadership, you need to start at the bottom and work your way up, of course.

Forget your goal of becoming a Gamemaster for this step, and allow yourself to become immersed in another’s world. Once you’re in it, take mental notes on style, technique and how the Gamemasters runs the Campaign. What do you like about the world you’re in? What do you dislike? How does the game master create drama, suspense, and set the world’s mood? Maybe one GM had the best reactions to player surprises. Maybe you loved another’s ability to create truly unique storylines, keeping you guessing the entire time. Figure out what you like, and don’t like about the various Worlds you play in, and then set about defining your own style. Once you have a vision of your perfect RPG experience, you can begin to craft your own.

The key to being a great Gamemaster is creating a great experience for the players. Only with experience as a player can you learn what exactly that entails. Unless of course you happen to be a natural Gamemaster-genius … which has been known to happen. But even so, you do need to start somewhere. Trying the game out as a Player is probably the best way to start.

Build Your World

You’ve taken notes on what makes a great world. Maybe you loved the mythical beasts of one world you spent time playing in. Maybe you couldn’t get enough of the world set in a parallel universe middle ages, with mutant knights running rampant. Whatever it is … start jotting down notes on your World and building up a sense of it’s characteristics.

Design the Setting

This is where your players’ notes will really come in handy. Which types of Worlds were you most fascinated with? Ancient worlds, modern day, or dystopian worlds?

Or maybe something entirely new?

Now’s your chance to stretch your imagination and create a world that’s bursting at the seams with ingenuity.

Create the Plot

The central element of every good RPG: the plot. Despite some unexpected twists and turns that your cunning players might take you on, a solid plot will always act as a strong guiding force throughout your RPG experience. In the Elthos RPG the Plot is divided into two sections. The Overarching Plot which is the Campaign, and then the sub Plots which are the Adventures within that Campaign. Think of a Campaign as a novel and the Adventures as Chapters within it.

It’s a good idea to have subplots planned out for those moments when your players veer a little too far off course. Think of your plot as a big, twisting tree: you need a strong trunk and lots of branches to sustain their every whim and impulse.

Do Your Homework

The best RPGs often fall apart due to an unorganized master. Make sure you stay on top of your meetings and run them smoothly.

Keep an email list of your players to inform them of meeting times and RPG news. Set regular game times so your RPG doesn’t fall off the map. Keep your group relatively small to avoid difficult scheduling conflicts. You can use Meetups to schedule your games and communicate with your players, as well as any number of other scheduling utilities. But often times, once you have a group together, the simple use of emails is sufficient to keep people up to date.

An Inspired Game Master

You’ve learned the basics of how to become the ultimate master, but the best lesson is through experience. Are you ready to get started?

Enter The Mythos Machine.

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