5 Surprising Benefits of Role-playing Games

5 Surprising Benefits of Role-playing Games

What comes to mind when you think of roleplay games?  For many people, it’s those nerdy kids from high school who gathered to play Dungeons & Dragons when everyone else was headed to the football games or the prom.  However, the old adage “don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it” definitely holds true for roleplay games. Take a look at the surprising benefits of playing these types of games!

Enjoy Social Interaction

One of the stereotypes about role-playing games is that players are anti-social or even socially awkward, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Playing these games takes communication skills, cooperation and teamwork, and the ability to empathize with people (or characters) who are very different from yourself.

Unlike with online multi-player games, in which players have the option to hide behind a screen, face-to-face roleplay games are a great way to truly engage with friends — or even strangers. Since there’s already some common ground established, joining a group of roleplay gamers is a great way to make new friends wherever you go.

Develop Problem Solving Skills

Developing your ability to solve problems might not sound fun, but it’s one of the most useful skills you can develop — and roleplay games let you do just that while actually enjoying yourself.

Whether you are battling a horde of evil gnomes, navigating a maze, or fighting an outbreak of crime, you’ll rely on your wits and those of your allies. You’ll have to think on your feet, think outside the box, and use collaboration to envision new strategies.

When your efforts fail, it will be necessary to regroup quickly and learn from your mistakes. This in-game experience can help you solve problems in every other aspect of your life.

Exercise Your Creativity

Remember reading “choose your own adventure” books as a kid? That’s exactly what roleplay games are, only they’re even more interactive since you’re one of the characters. Playing these helps you develop your own storytelling skills.

Why is this important? Storytelling is scientifically shown to boost our brainpower, help us remember important facts, process complicated ideas, communicate better with others, and more.

Our brains are actually wired to work best when presented with information in a narrative form.

Relaxation and Escape From the Ordinary

Whether it’s a silly app on your smartphone, an elaborate MMORPG, or tabletop roleplay games, people play to escape the daily grind. A few rounds of Angry Birds or an evening spent playing Call of Cthulhu is a way to relax and to get a respite from your boss’s demands or your financial troubles.

In addition to immersing yourself in a world that is completely alien, it can be very satisfying to “try on” a character who’s very different from your everyday self.

You might be anxious or shy, but your character can be bold and decisive. Roleplaying games help you break out of your routines or ruts, even if it’s just for a few hours a week.

There’s Something For Everyone

Roleplay games aren’t all wizards, warlocks, mages, or denizens of Middle Earth. There’s a huge variety, so whether you’re into vampires, zombies, superheroes, cyberpunks, Doctor Who, or James Bond, there’s a game for you.

Ready to Try Roleplay Games for Yourself?

One great place to dive in is Elthos, a resource for game masters, players, and anyone who’s simply curious about the exciting world(s) of role-playing!

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