Elthos RPG ODS Web Application Legal Stuff in Plain English
This is the Plain English Agreement for the Web Application for your convenience so that you will understand what our intentions and expectations are. However, the Legal Agreement is located in in the Site EULA, and must also be read and agreed to before signing up for and using the Elthos RPG ODS Web Application.

Elthos Web Application EULA

Generally Speaking
The Elthos ODS Website does not warranty its usefulness for any particular purpose, and does not guarantee 100% security or guarantee that materials posted here will not be lost by circumstances beyond the control of the site owner. However, we are taking reasonable precautions in this area and expect to maintain the integrity of the site. Should problems arise we will do what we can to address them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

On Site Functionality
Some of the sites features may require the user have Excel installed on their client machine, or the ability to upload files to a free excel hosting service such as Google Docs.

On Copyrights

Users of Elthos RPG ODS Web Application are able to add original content of their own, including photographs (jpg) to the website via the user interface. Users can load images from their hard drive, but not directly from websites. We ask our users not infringe other people's copyrights. For this reason we ask that all materials that are added to this site by the users be the original work of their own making, and not copies of other people's work, unless they obtain permission from the content owner in advance of loading the materials to the site. By uploading materials to the Elthos RPG Web Application the user certifies that the work being loaded is either original work of their own, or that copyright permission has been granted.

On Sharing Content, Content Ownership
Elthos RPG ODS Web Application is intended to foster and support a mutually collaborative society of Gamesmasters. One of the purposes of this site to facilitate the sharing of Gamesmaster materials, such as Equipment, Weapons, Armor, Places, Campaigns and Adventures that Gamesmasters may create for their Worlds in the system. Users will be able to share materials that they choose to share, or keep private, by making materials that they create either Public or Private. Materials that are registered by the Gamesmaster as Public will be viewable and usable by other Gamesmasters on the system who may choose to Import Public items into their Worlds, just as you can Import theirs into your World if you so choose. Imported items are copied so that the Gamesmaster can alter them if they so choose without effecting the original shared item.

On Derivative Rights
By creating materials in the Elthos RPG ODS Web Application and making that materials Public (shared) the User agrees to the free licensing of those materials for Derivative works by any Gamesmaster member of the Elthos ODS Online Community. Derivative works include but are not limited to books or films, and any other medium of creative endeavor. There are two limitations. One is that this right extends only to other Gamesmasters on the Elthos ODS Online System, and not to the general public at large. Two, that works not be copied whole cloth and sold as-is under another name that indicates implicitly or explicitly that the creator of the work was not the original author. Notification of the use of anyone else's materials for derivative works is expected, if and only if that endeavor be intended for profitable gain. It is a share and share-alike system.

On Data Retention
The Elthos RPG ODS Web Application System has the following deletion policy: When the user deletes materials from the Elthos ODS Website our system will will Permanently Delete that content, including any contact information the user provides in the course of signing up for the site (email address, user name, etc), and or materials they have entered into the system. When a user deletes their Account, all materials that belonged to their account will also be permanently deleted. We do not intend to keep any backup of Deleted Material and it will not be possible for us to restore that material should the user later change their mind. This is done in order to protect users who wish to remove their permanently materials from our system, and an assurance from the Elthos System that your materials will be permanently deleted when you delete them.

However, that said, for any Materials that are entered to the system and given the designation of Public, those materials will not be deleted from the accounts of other Gamesmasters who have elected to copy those materials into their Worlds, whether they have modified those materials or used them as-is, as that would be unfair to the other members of the Community who may come to rely on the Shared Materials that they have Imported for the running of their campaigns.

On Contact Information Privacy
The Elthos System will maintain the privacy of its members data at all times, within the bounds of the law. We will absolutely not sell or market contact information, and only use email addresses in the event there is a problem with a specific account, and for the posting password change requests by the user, as well as sending out notices to users regarding the status of the system if necessary, and the occasional promotional email when new features come online.

On Use of the Forum
Please read this: Forum Disclaimer

The Golden Rule of Thumb
Play nice. Be polite. Don't be a jerk. Enjoy the creative opportunities that are being provided by the Elthos RPG ODS Web Application. We reserve the right to cancel anyone's account without warning and for no specific reason. So be good, and we will try our best to do the same. Thank you!